Aeris Beauté Mini Oracle Deck

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The Astrology Oracle deck is a beginner-friendly tool for self-reflection, providing you with insight into a particular situation you may have through a variety of astrological wisdom, translated as thought-provoking questions and advice. 

Consisting of 22 cards, the deck is split into 2 parts: 10 planetary cards and 12 cards for the zodiac signs. Each card includes brief information about each astrological symbolism, personal questions you can ask yourself, as well as any characteristics you should be aware of. Pro tips: Combine one planetary card and one zodiac card as a pair to get a shockingly accurate reading.

Designed to be open for interpretation, you are free to take what is helpful from your reading! 

The answer you seek is within you.

- Ask yourself a question about what you may be struggling with or wondering about right now (be specific about your context, e.g. I've been neglecting my friendships lately because of work, will I ever find the right work-life balance?)

- Separate the cards into two decks, one deck with 12 zodiac cards and the other deck with 10 planetary cards. Shuffle them both and keep them face down and separated.

- Take one card from each deck.

- The two cards together will give you the answers you're looking for. The planetary cards answer the 'what' and the zodiac cards answer the 'how' of your situation.

- Ask yourself the questions from the planetary cards to further guide you to the solution, and take the mantras from the zodiac cards to help ease your mind.

- These cards and their reading are open to your interpretation, as only you know your story best.

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