Aeris Beauté x Maudy Ayunda - Individual Brushes

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Maudy Ayunda's go-to brushes when she's on-the-go!

With how fast-paced our lives are these days, we deserve tools that can keep up, too. Maudy Ayunda’s mini brushes are perfect for putting makeup on while on the road, because sometimes we’d rather spend those extra 10-15 minutes at home pressing snooze, catching up with our loved ones, or just dancing it out in the bathroom a bit more ;)

Whatever your reasons, know that Maudy’s trusted makeup brushes have got your back! Look how you want to, when you want to. Go make those money moves, babes!

Each brush comes with a custom pouch!

- Made with soft, high-grade, synthetic bristles
- Cruelty-free and vegan
- Has sturdy wooden handles with elegant matte golden ferrules, imprinted with Maudy's signature

- Use the setting brush to lightly apply powder foundation or setting powder
- Use the buffing brush to stipple on liquid foundation or concealer to create an airbrushed look
- Use the sculpting brush to precisely apply powder contour, blush and highlighter on targeted areas and blend them out

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