Eye Depuffing Rose Quartz Gua Sha

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Spa-level remedy for puffy, swollen eyes - to blow you (& your eyebags) away!


When we sleep, our bodies produce excess fluid around the eyes, causing swelling & puffiness in the morning. Since our natural drainage system in that area is not the best, applying a cold, gentle massage using the naturally cool & soothing Eye De-puffing Rose Quartz Gua Sha helps push fluid away, improve circulation, and depuff swollen eyelids & eye bags - leaving you looking and feeling alive!


TIP! Pop your Rose Quartz in the fridge for an extra cooling (& pore-tightening) effect!


Aeris’ Rose Quartz crystals are made from the highest-grade, 100% Brazillian Rose Quartz. They are heavier than traditional Rose Quartz, are cool to the touch, and have authentic and natural variations in colour and pattern. All crystals have been carefully hand-cut and hand-polished, with no artificial dyes or treatment. Rose Quartz Rollers & Gua Sha are Chinese skincare tools that date back to 7th Century China and have been used and perfected over thousands of years.


Good to know:

  • Helps depuff eye bags & swollen eyelids

  • Awakens and rejuvenates the eye area

  • Helps product absorption

  • Promotes a healthy, visible glow

  • Helps calm the mind and improve headaches

  • FREE! Tool pouch for hygienic storage.

Anti aging



100% Brazilian Rose Quartz
  1. Apply serum, cream, or face oil on the area surrounding your eyes.
  2. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, gently slide the tool under you eye to the temple.
  3. Gently repeat the same motion by gliding the tool above your eyelid to reduce puffiness.

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