Smart Sonic Facial Cleanser

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Think double cleansing, but smarter.


Smart Sonic Facial Cleanser sends 8,000 S-Sonic pulsations per minute at 12 adjustable intensities, making it the powerhouse for deep cleansing & toning.


How Does it Work?

The Smart Sonic Facial Cleanser’s ultra-gentle silicone bristles easily sweep into your pores to wash away dirt, oil, sweat, make-up, residue, dead skin cells, and pollution at a cellular level; while the raised concentric lines on the back double as a firming massager that stimulates and tones your skin. Get a luxurious, deep cleansing and spa-like massage, all in the comfort of your own home.


  • 2 Side Feature for Cleansing & Massaging
  • 12 Adjustable Intensities
  • 2 Minute Smart Timer
  • 100% Waterproof (IPX7)
  • 1 Year Guarantee


This product comes with a built-in battery, USB cable, and pouch.


Good to know :

  • Deep cleanses & exfoliates the dead skin
  • Minimizes appearance of blackheads & large pores
  • Clears oil congestion
  • Improves blood circulation to give a visible glow
  • Lifts, firms & tones the skin

Pore refining

Travel friendly


Available in 3 colors




  1. Wet your face and the device before use. 
  2. Apply face cleanser directly onto the bristles. 
  3. Turn on the device and choose intensity. 
  4. Move the device in circular motions on your face for deep cleansing. 
  5. Rinse device & pat face dry. 



  1. After cleansing, apply serum, moisturizer, or face oils evenly on your face. 
  2. Turn on the device and apply the side with concentric lines on your face. 
  3. Massage to boost product absorption, firm, and tone the skin. 
  4. Adjust intensity if needed. 
  5. Rinse device.

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