Aeris Beauté Smart Photon Light Therapy Device

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3-in-1 advanced photofacial treatment device that actually works.


The ultimate 360° solution for treating multitudes of skin issues from dry and dull skin, acne, irritation, fine lines to pigmentation. Using the power of 3 LED Light-therapy, the Smart Photon device triggers your body’s natural cell processes to repair and rejuvenate your skin. Its thermo-therapy function helps loosen trapped sebum and prep the skin for optimal skincare absorption, while the S-Sonic pulsations increase microcirculation and bring nutrients and hydration back to your skin.

Target any skin concern while boosting the efficacy of your skincare’s active ingredients every time. Technology originally developed by NASA.

Red Light (S-Sonic Vibrations + Thermo Therapy)

Mode: Anti-aging (625-630 K/NM)

Treats: Fine lines, pigmentation, wrinkles

How it works: 

-Stimulates collagen production for fuller and smoother skin

-Reduces appearance of wrinkles and promotes wound/scar healing

Yellow Light (S-Sonic Vibrations + Thermo Therapy)

Mode: Rejuvenating (585-590 K/NM)

Treats: Dry & dull skin, rosacea & redness

How it works: 

-Speeds up cell healing process to reduce inflammation & relieve redness

-Boosts lymphatic flow & leaves skin looking fresher & healthier

Blue Light (S-Sonic Vibrations)

Mode: Clearing (460-470 K/NM)

Treats: Acne and oily skin

How it works: 

-Targets overactive oil glands to treat oily skin & acne

-Clears out acne-causing bacteria underneath the skin to prevent future breakouts




  • 100% waterproof (IPX7)
  • Super soft & bacteria-resistant silicone
  • CE, RoHS, IPX7 certified
  • Comes with USB cable
  • With 1 minute use everyday, this device can last up to 12 years
  • 1-year warranty

Anti aging





Silicone body with an aluminium nursing head

2 ways to use:


Directly on skin after skincare or with sheet mask

A. Turn the device on with one click.
B. Click again to switch to your desired light therapy mode. 
C. Apply the device to your face in circular motions for 1-6 minutes.


With cotton pad

1. Take off the clear ring surrounding the aluminium head.
2. Soak a cotton pad with your desired skincare product.
3. Place the cotton pad onto the aluminium surface. 
4. Snap the ring back into its original place, securing the cotton pad on the device.
5. Repeat steps A-C above.
6. After use, take the ring off again to release the cotton pad.


To clean, wipe with a wet towel or rinse with water and some gentle soap. Towel dry.

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