Aeris Beauté The Winterfluff Bundle

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Celebrate the holidays with the perfect multipurpose gift set!

The Winterfluff bundle is specifically curated to give you a few simple things that can make applying your makeup a breeze. The S2 Setting Powder from our fan-favorite and luxurious Golden Silk Set is a soft and fluffy powder brush that has been engineered to apply all powder products onto your skin evenly and easily. Use this brush to set your undereyes with setting powder or apply powder foundation all over the face. The fan-like arrangement of this brush creates a thin edge that you can use to precisely place blush, contour, or highlighter where you want it to get that perfectly sculpted complexion!

To top it off, this bundle also includes our award-winning tools cleansing soap bar and our softest makeup sponge ever! It all comes packaged in our exclusive holiday gift bag and comes with a super cute greeting card.

To complete the set, choose the scent for your Blendie Bar:
- Fine Linen: A clean laundry scent
- Watermelon & Pear: A soft, sweet and fruity scent

And choose the type of Nudie Blendie sponge you’d like:
- Clover: A teardrop sponge with slanted cut at the side. Great for precision work such as blending concealers or applying setting powder in the undereye area. Has a rounded side for blending.
- Daisy: A teardrop sponge with a slanted cut at the bottom. The larger, flat surface area at the bottom of this sponge is perfect for applying makeup on wider areas of the face such as the cheeks and forehead. The pointed tip can also be used to blend product in hard-to-reach spots such as the undereye or around the nose.

What you'll get:
- Golden Silk S2 Setting Powder Brush
- Blendie Bar - Beauty Tools Cleanser Soap (Fine Linen OR Watermelon & Pear)
- Nudie Blendie - Makeup Sponge (Daisy OR Clover)
- Exclusive Holiday Gift Bag
- Holiday Greeting Card

    Available in 2 colors

    Fine Linen

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