Aeris Beauté x Maudy Ayunda Dreamy Headband

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Maudy’s favorite fuzzy headband!


Made from the softest micro-flannel material, these adorable, plush and floppy bunny ears ensure that your hair stays pushed back as you get ready for the day - or night - ahead!The cozy fabric fits gently and comfortably around your head and sits securely while you wash and work through your skincare routine. Keep your hair dry and clean, out of sight and out of mind! Psst, prepare to snap a few photos in the process and pop a hoppin’ good look! To clean, just toss the headband in the laundry for an easy clean when needed.



  • Comfortable fit
  • Micro-flannel material
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Machine washable


Travel friendly

Ultra soft

  • To wear the headband, stretch it over the head and down onto the neck 
  • Then grab the headband at the front of the neck and drag it upwards to go over the forehead 
  • Adjust as necessary

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