Double Bubble Bundle

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Double bubble, with no toil or trouble, meet our new magical cleaning couple!

Experience an enchanting new cleaning routine with this bewitching pair! Our fan-favorite magical potion, the Blendie Bar, is the perfect match for our new Frenchie Brush Cleansing pad.

With 7 different textures, a large surface area, and anti-slip suction cups, the Frenchie pad acts as a steady activator to increase the cleaning potential of the Blendie Bar soap. The pad has specially designed grooves that are effective for reaching the residue that’s hiding deep in your brush bristles. Cleaning has never been so fun or effective! Dip, swirl, and rinse your way to cleaner brushes with our Double Bubble bundle!



  • Anti-bacterial
  • BPA-free silicone
  • Vegan and cruelty-free



  1. Wet the blendie bar with some water
  2. Swirl the brush inside the soap to coat it thoroughly
  3. Glide the brush onto the cleansing pad in circular motions until the residue starts to clear
  4. Rinse the brush with water
  5. If needed, repeat steps #2-4 until the brush is clean
  6. When finished, rinse the blendie bar and the pad with water, and lay flat to dry



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