Rose Quartz Facial Set

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The ultimate self-care indulgence: de-puff, firm up and glow!


Rose Quartz Rollers & Guasha are Chinese skincare tools that date back to 7th Century China and have been used and perfected over thousands of years. When used correctly and regularly, they have been proven to give depuffing, calming, and glow-enhancing benefits that are soothing to the skin and stress-relieving to the mind.


TIP! Pop your Rose Quartz in the fridge for an extra cooling (& pore-tightening) effect!


Aeris’ Rose Quartz crystals are made from the highest-grade, 100% Brazillian Rose Quartz. They are heavier than traditional Rose Quartz, are cool to the touch, and have authentic and natural variations in colour and pattern. All crystals have been carefully hand-cut and hand-polished, with no artificial dyes or treatment.


Good to know:
  • Helps rejuvenate, firm and lift the skin.
  • Reduces puffiness of the face.
  • Helps product absorption.
  • Improves circulation to give a healthy, visible glow.
  • Helps calm the mind and relieve tension.
  • FREE! 3 x tool pouches for hygienic storage.

Anti aging



100% Brazilian Rose Quartz
  1. Use over a sheet mask to help the ingredients penetrate more deeply.
  2. Use after product (serum/oil/creams) to promote product absorption.
  3. Use chilled to tighten pores and calm inflammation/redness.
  4. Use for deep-tissue massage to stimulate blood flow and release facial tension.
  5. Roll upwards to lift and sculpt the skin.

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