Smart Travel Pouch 2.0

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Your very own magic pouch that fits up to 85 items, no kidding.

Aeris’ long loved Smart Travel Pouch is finally back with a new & improved design and most importantly, a much more sustainable material for the planet! Yay!

Smart-travel pouch ini dirancang secara spesifik untuk memenuhi kebutuhan make-up enthusiasts, traveler, dan tiap orang yang mencintai efesiensi dan durability. Dengan desain kantung yang spesial untuk penyimpanan kuas, pensil/pen dan removable compartments, pouch ini dapat memuat semua yang kamu butuhkan!


  • Fits up to 85 items
  • Removable and Customizable Dividers
  • 3 Side Pockets
  • 6 Custom Pencil Holders
  • Removable Double-Sided Brush Holder
  • Scratch-Proof – Water Proof & Washable
  • Pocket Mirror Available in dusty pink

Good to know :

  • Super functional & spacious
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Perfect for storage at home / travelling
  • Store products neatly


Travel friendly

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