Aeris Beauté Cloud Conceal Puff

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Wake up and makeup with a cup of perfection!

Haven't had a chance to get your hands on our Cloud Conceal Puff? It's definitely not too late! 

Enjoy the cloud-like sensation of our puff as it gently melts your liquid makeup into your skin, delivering a flawless and natural finish. This Cloud Conceal Puff will definitely give you the #PerfectBlend anytime, anywhere. 

  • Marshmallow Creme & Noir (Dusty Pink)
  • Choco Creme & Noir (Choco Caramel)
  • Lilac Creme & Noir (Lilac)


Creme: Cream colored puff

Noir: Black colored puff



- Soft and smooth material for a natural, smooth, and flawless finish

- Perfect for liquid makeup products

- Requires no water

- Features a pointed tip for precise application on narrow areas of the face

- Minimizes product absorption



  1. Put the cream or liquid makeup products on the back of your hand or directly on your face.
  2. Gently pat the puff onto the desired area.
  3. Pat the product into the skin until it is evenly blended

      Available in 10 colors

      Lilac Creme

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