The Onyx 2.0 Individuals

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IDR 65.000 Regular price IDR 35.000 Unit price per

Individual Onyx Brushes (sold per piece)


You’re off to a great start! The Onyx brushes will have your base makeup looking like second skin, and your eye make-up looking like a pro. Each brush function is printed on its handle to improve ease of use. Meticulously crafted and luxurious, the Onyx edition is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Blend, conceal, contour, and create every beauty look in your dreams (or moodboard!)

X1 – Powder
X2 – Contour
X3 – Blush
X4 – Foundation
X5 – Undereye Powder
X6 – Highlighter
X7 – Nose Contour
X8 – Fluffy Blending
X9 – Eye Blending
X10 – Tapered Blending
X11 – Brow
X12 – Brow Highlight 
X13 – Concealer
X14 – Mini Pencil
X15 – Lip

Good to Know:

  • Brush function printed on handles.
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate.
  • Luxury-brand quality bristles.
  • Responsibly sourced wood handles.
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free.




Travel friendly

Ultra soft

  • Synthetic bristles 
  • Wood handles 

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